Guidelines for Submitting Award Entries

1. The event must have been held between April 01, 2023 to March 31, 2024

2. If a company is filling a nomination in multiple categories, kindly ensure that the information and supportings provided must be category specific.

3. The form consists of 3 sections: Participant details, questions to be answered and supporting material (pictures, video, testimonial, etc.).

4. All questions must be answered and incomplete forms will lead to disqualification. A crisp and to-the-point write-up is required for evaluation. All the salient points related to the selected category should be covered in the nomination. Writeups should not exceed 300 words & should preferably be filled in bullet points

5. Supporting Material:

  • Pictures: should not exceed 3 MB and must be in JPEG / PNG format.
  • Video: Duration should not exceed 2 minutes, must be less than 300 MB and must be in MP4 format.
  • PDF / PPT: should not have more than 10 slides and must be less than 7 MB.

6. Kindly ensure the following

  • Name, logo or any kind of branding of your organization must not be present in the answers, pictures, customer testimonial or in the video for all categories except for specific categories as mentioned in the form.
  • Attachments can be pictures/collage, must be relevant to the category and must be for the nominated event.

7. Lion Box / DropBox/ WeTransfer links will not be accepted.

8. Settings of Google Drive links need to be made public.

9. Based on the eligibility criteria, the qualified entries will be shared with the jury for evaluation.

10. Award Management holds the right to disqualify any application that does not meet the eligibility criteria without assigning any reason whatsoever.

11. Information provided by the Participant will be confidential and will be used only for the limited purpose of evaluating the entry to these Awards.